Hey everyone! Its been a while since I made my last blog post, my final exams really did a number on me T_T


Im back and thats all that matters for those who pay attention to my blogs lol :>

anyways, this blog will be mainly focused on future plans, current goals, new events and locals that are now established, and something feisty for people who are interested in the hunt :>

Lets start off with our future plans and current goals :)

Our future plans right now is to roll our inventory up so we can have product, it kinda sucks when people come wanting something that came out like 2 months ago and we dont have it :(

Furthermore, we want to expand our space for play and make the area more accommodating :(((

Its lame that our washroom is downstairs and I hear you :<

We're currently in works to expand the upstairs for additional spacing for players and a nice washroom, people who are in wheelchairs or cant use the stairs im so sorry but Im working hard to get to a stage where we can move our shop downstairs for yall T_T

Also, I want to try to work hard towards improving our equipment and furniture, our vending machine is dodgy LOL it eats coins up like a cow and it spits nothing back, Ill be working hard this summer to improve the vending machine so it doesnt do that. Also I want to improve our furniture by removing the dodgy tables, I want sturdy ones with nice area :((

Okay okay next (0 70)


We got new events and locals!

Starting now, we're officially a POKEMON LEAGUE!!!! We'll slowly work up to becoming a good locals to play at, so heres our regular league play hours for those who just wanna come in and play:

Wednesdays 6PM - 9PM

Sundays 3PM - 6PM

Further details are on the pokemon website but ye

We will also be hosting pokemon tourneys, i got big plans for this one but for now we'll work small cus we dont have a huge player base kek

Wednesdays and Sundays will be casual unless if we have 4 or more people to kick start a tournament, if we kickstart a tourney then there will be prizing and entry fees so we can entice people to play more competitively.

Regular locals will look like the following:

Entry: $10 CAD

Upon entry you get 1 Pack of the latest set off the bat, for each player that joins tho we'll throw in 0.5 packs into the prizing pool. So 4 people in the tournament will mean 2 packs in the prizing pool. Raffles will also be done :>

But thats not the only prizing method we'll use, it will honestly depend on the number of people but more people means increasing prizing, 0.5 packs per person is just an estimate of the prizing we'll do.

Lets say we dont have enough people for a tourney :(

then itll be a casual night, people who showed up for the tourney will be rewarded with a free pack just for showing and we can chill and play pokemans

As for YGO




mor OTS packs when konami :(


jks i love you konami



I want to kick things up a notch, Ill be advertising our commander nights more often and introducing better systems for them, for example, between you and me only, there will be a leaderboard system for Roy Coins (Yes Ill be officially starting the roy coin shenanigans it aint a joke no mo lel), redeeming your roy coins will punish you on the leaderboards, trading and selling roy coins is prohibited :(

If you are not on the leaderboards for roy coins then you cannot redeem em

lasting first place on the leaderboards will reward you with a cool prize :>

Also roy coins will soon have an expiry date on them to prevent hoarding X_X

Anyways continuing onwards,

We'll be hosting a March of Machines Instore Championships! our first one :PPP

itll be hosted on a friday on May 19th, it will be sealed and there will be promos and prizing :p

Also Im looking to start modern tourneys, if anyone is interested in helping me with those I could use some tips and advice.


Now for the hunt :p

On April 30th, the challenge will be revealed, the first person to complete the challenge will receive a $50 Derpy Cards Gift Card, the challenge wont be anything ridiculously hard or anything ridiculously tedious, itll just be something stupid for those who were paying attention lol.


Okay have a great night everyone! hope I didnt bore you all <3

























































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