Trade-in Singles

Trade in your valuable singles to us for store credit or cash! We'll be as transparent as possible during the trade in!

Walk In Trade in days:

Feel free to drop by and see how much we are willing to take a card for on these following days...

Mon - Tues: No trade ins

Wed - Sun:  YGO, MTG, or Pokemon in person


Some Policies:

First, no fake cards please.

Second, must be NM or at the very least Lightly Played. (for more information, scroll to the down to card condition)

Third, for trade in requests online, contact with subject line "Trade in request" including pictures of the cards in high detail. We'll give an estimate on how much we would take it in for.

Fourth, if you are shipping cards to us to sell/trade in, we will transfer the money or store credit the moment we receive the cards and process them.

Fifth, at the moment, store credit can only be used in person. We'll be implementing store credit onto our website eventually. Will post further information on this on our blog!

Sixth, we dont do trade backs. Sorry

Finally, we can get onto the main stuff...

Pokemon - We will take trade in's for Pokemon singles that we do want at any time, however, to take the trade-in we need to assess the condition of the card in person before making any decision. You can send in pictures to make sure beforehand that we do want it. We will make a decision to take in the trade-in based off two categories:


Juicy Collectibles Blinged out Meta Cards Meta Cards Pleb cards
- Alt arts - Gold/Rainbow secret rares of meta staples such as Ultra Ball or Escape Rope, pokemon can count too - Regular Trainers and pokemon that are meta (common/ - Pokemon V that are not meta relevant
- Gold/Rainbow Secret rares of popular cards - Full Art Trainers that are meta but not popular uncommon/rare - VSTAR, VMAX, ETC that aren't collectible and are recent to modern (such as GX's or V's)
- FA trainers of popular characters (such as Cynthia or Irida) - Full Arts of meta pokemon (examples include: Roxanne and Archeops) - Trainer Gallerys of pokemon that are not meta relevant nor collectible
- Vintage cards - Trainer Gallery V, Gold secret, or Trainers. - Pokemon V, VMAX, VSTAR that are playable - Full arts that are not meta relevant or popular
- Full arts that are popular such as Full Art SV49 Charizard     - Non-popular radiants/non-meta relevant radiants
- Popular Trainer Gallery V Pokemon      
75% Store Credit 60% Store Credit 40% Store Credit Fixed Rate:
60% Cash 50% Cash 30% Cash

Pokemon V:

$0.5 Store Credit

$0.25 Cash

  (Will be changed to buylist soon)


$1 Store Credit

$0.75 Cash

Trainer Galleries: $1 Store Credit

$0.75 Cash



$0.5 Store Credit

$0.25 Cash


Full arts:

40% store credit

30% Cash


Are we still taking trade ins for this?


Are we still taking trade ins for this?


Are we still taking trade ins for this?


Are we still taking trade ins for this?



Yu-Gi-Oh - We will also take in certain Yu-Gi-Oh singles, however, it would require more screening process for meta-game cards as we don't have that many people among us to discern which cards are meta viable. Please note we wont always take in whatever single you bring us.

  • Collectibles - We will take any collectible rarities and Vintage cards at 75% store credit or 50% cash back based off TCGPlayer/eBay recent transaction.
    Collectible rarities in YGO include...
    - Collector rares
    - Ultimate rares (Cannot be within 5 sets from the current OTS set)
    - Starlight Rares
    - Ghost Rares
  • Meta - YGO is widely known for their meta-game play, so for meta cards we will accept them at 60% store credit or 30% cash back based off TCGPlayer/eBay recent transaction.

MTG - Magic the gathering is more difficult to discern what we need, so we will only take valuable magic cards at 60% store credit or 50% cash back based off TCGPlayer/eBay recent transaction. Valuable magic cards being 20$ or higher on TCGPlayer.


What we consider vintage:

Pokemon -  Any set before Diamond and Pearl I consider Vintage while sets between Diamond and Pearl to X and Y I consider Neo-Vintage.

Yu-Gi-Oh - all sets during and before 5D's era

MTG - We won't be taking any vintage MTG strictly because it is too difficult to tell if it is a legit card or not. I do not have the eyes for that sort of field. Cards will be considered if they have the Rare/Mythic stamp on the bottom centre of the card.


Card Condition:

We generally only take NM cards at our previously stated rates, however, if the card is considered vintage or highly demanded we'll take in worse conditions at different rates. Additionally, if the card is a modern card, we don't take in any cards that are MP or less.

We will not take any MP or lesser conditions for cash.

For a guide on how to differentiate between conditions, click here for a comprehensive guide that one of our locals wrote on how to do just that :3

Pokemon and YGO Collectible cards:

Lightly Played (LP)

60% store credit or 25% cash

Moderately played (MP)

40% store credit (no cash)

Heavily Played (HP)

10% store credit

Pokemon and YGO Meta cards:

We will only take meta cards at NM or LP conditions

Lightly Played (LP)

45% store credit 20% cash


We do not take any vintage MTG cards without any of the rarity stamps on the bottom of the card, as vintage MTG cards are harder to tell if they are real or fake.

Lightly Played (LP)

45% store credit 20% cash

Moderately Played (MP)

30% store credit (no cash)

Heavily Played (HP)

10% store credit (no cash)


ALSO TO NOTE: We reserve the right to always deny a trade in regardless of the reasoning, even if it is based on a hunch or if it was based on nonsense.

Please let me know if you have any criticism on our trade in policies, we'll take it to heart ʕ •ᴥ• ʔฅ♥