Card Conditions

Card Condition Guide

The image of the conditions of the cards will be shown as Pokemon cards, please talk to staff if you would like details on other cards.

Near-Mint/Mint (NM/M)

Near Mint or Mint is a term used to describe the state of a card that is very close to being in perfect condition. A card in near mint/mint condition will have very minimal wear and tear, if any, such as slight edge wear, slight surface scratching, or slight printing imperfections. It will also have sharp corners and edges, a clean surface, and vibrant colors. This would be the condition of a card fresh out of a pack. The only thing changing it from mint to near mint is the centering or near unnoticeable scratches on the holographic foil.


Lightly Played (LP)

The next term is called lightly played. It means the card shows minor or minimal damage or edge wear to the card. It is mainly corner dents from packs, scratches or holo foil scratches. The damage is visible, but does not take away much value from the card itself.

Moderately Played (MP)

A card in MP would show small creases, noticeable scratches or holo foil damage, intense border wear, grime, ink or any other moderate imperfections. There may be creases, but they are usually found near the sides of the border of the card.

Heavily Played (HP)

Heavily Played is the second last condition on this list. Cards in this condition will most likely show major imperfections and damage, which can be the following: numerous creases, bends, minimal potential water damage, extreme border whitening all over the card and corners, viewable holo foil damage such as ink and grime. We do not take HP cards in. They are still playable in sleeves.


In a nutshell, if your cards are insanely damaged that you can even tell it's literally destroyed and it's worse than all images and it's so bad it doesn't match the descriptions, is it similar to these? Looks like a crumpled piece of paper, the card is literally taken apart, ripped off by glue or tape, holo foil has been removed and has turned into a silver backing, food stains, extreme creases, folds and has been ripped a bit on the borders, then that's what it is. We don't take these in. Also illegal to play in tournaments.

Well tysm for reading this, it took me 10 mins to write this and check out tje trade-ins page for details on the website!


Credits to Terence Phung, one of our locals who wrote a comprehensive guide on how to differentiate card conditions! Thank you so much Terence! :p