Event Schedule and Sign Ups

Upcoming MAJOR Events

Early Sign Ups (Event Schedule Below)


Pokemon Paradox Rift Prerelease Event

  • Saturday October 21st: 6:30PM
  • Sunday October 22nd: 1:30PM
  • Sealed Event
  • $35 after tax for 1 Build and battle kit
  • Swiss
  • Best of 1, 35 Minutes per game
  • 20 Player capacity each event

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One Piece Store Championships Wave 2

  • Monday October 9th: 6PM
  • Constructed
  • Swiss
  • Best of 1, 35 Minutes per game, 5 minutes to find your opponent and set up
  • $10 entry after tax, upon entry you receive one participation pack
  • Bandai App Registry (HERE), please sign up through both
  • Registry through here is prioritized before bandai app
  • 20 Player Capacity

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YGO Age of Overlord Premiere! Event

  • Competitive Event Day - Saturday October 14th 1:30PM
  • Casual Event Day - Sunday October 15th 1:30PM
  • Raffles + AGOV boxes for prizing
  • $33.75 after tax entry
  • 5 Packs of AGOV + 1 Field Center + 1 OTS 22 upon entry
  • Prizings for X-0's and X-1's
  • Details are described on the preregistration site (Linked below)

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FAB Bright Lights Prerelease Event

  • GEM Page
  • Sunday October 1st 6:15PM
  • $45 after tax sign ups
  • Sealed Format
  • 4 Packs given upon entry to play with and at the end of the event, each player will receive 2 packs for playing
  • Please sign up both through here and GEM

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Pokemon League Challenge Sunday October 8th 1:30PM

  • Entry: $10
  • Standard Format
  • Sunday October 8th: 1:30PM
  • For more information click the following link below.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Starlight Monarch Tourney

  • Entry: $15
  • Advanced Constructed
  • Starlight of the month: []
  • Thursday October 12th: 6:15PM - 9:30PM

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