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Early Sign Ups (Event Schedule Below)


YGO Legacy of Destruction Premiere! Event

  • $33.75 after tax entry
  • 5 packs + 1 field center + 1 ots pack on entry
  • Saturday April 20th 2:30PM
  • Sunday April 21st 2:30PM (Sealed)

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MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease Sealed Event

  • Format: Sealed
  • Entry: $40 after tax
  • 20 player capacity both events
  • Friday April 12th 6:45PM
  • Saturday April 13th 6:45PM
  • Prizing is dependent on # of players

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Lorcana Into The Inklands Store Championships

  • Thursday April 25th 6PM
  • 5 Swiss Rounds
  • $15 entry after tax
  • Top 4 for the stitch promos and/or mats
  • Pre-registration opens at 8PM March 28th
  • Please sign up on Melee as well

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Shadowverse Store Championships Showdown April

  • Deck list required
  • 32 capacity
  • Swiss into top 8 cut
  • Saturday April 20th 2:30PM
  • Best of 1 each round, 25 mins each, 30 minutes each round for top 8
  • $10 after tax

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Fighting Game Local Night

  • No entry
  • Raffles
  • Bring in your own setup!
  • Sunday February 18th 4PM


Pokemon League Cup

  • Sunday May 26th 1:30PM START TIME
  • Please email trc.customercenter@gmail.com your play pokemon ID, date of birth, and first and last name
  • Registration/Sign-Ups - 12PM - 1:30PM
  • Standard Format (F Regulation)
  • Swiss, 30 minutes per round, # of rounds are dependent on # of people
  • Best of 3 per round for top cut (Top 6-8 depending on # of people), 50 minutes per game
  • Entry: $25 after tax (1 pack on entry)
  • 50 Player Capacity
  • Store credit and additional prizing dependent on # of people (Listed below)

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Pokemon League Challenge Sunday April 28th 2:10PM

  • Entry: $10
  • Standard Format (F Regulation)
  • Start Time: Sunday April 28th: 2:10PM
  • Next league challenge is on Sunday May 19th 2:10PM
  • For more information click the following link below.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Draft night :)

  • Entry: $20
  • Sealed

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Weekly Thursday Lorcana Locals



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