Event Schedule and Info

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Standard Schedule

Most of the casual nights can be adjusted, let me know any preferable times.

One piece is currently in works until further notice, no tournaments will be held



Tournaments Hosted





Pokemon Tourney (Effective Now)

- 6 PM - 10PM

- $10 entry fee


Thursday Yu-Gi-Oh Locals

- 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

- $10 Entry

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Friday Night Magic The Gathering

Draft Event

- 5:00PM to 9:30PM

- $16

- 20 Players cap

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MTG Commander Night

- 5PM - 8PM

- free entry

- 3 Roy Coins will be given out

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Pokemon Tourney and Trade Day (Effective Now)

- 1:30PM - 5PM

- $10 Entry fee


One Piece Tournament (Cancelled until further notice)

- 1:30 PM - 5 PM

- $5 entry fee

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Yu-Gi-Oh Local Sunday Tourney

- 3:00PM - 6PM

- Heart of The Underdog or Constructed Advanced (announced in discord)

- Swiss

- Casual or Tourney depends on # of people and whether or not we still have enough OTS Packs (Minimum 5 ppl)

- Prizing dependent on # of players

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Flesh and Blood Armory Local Sunday Tourney

- 6:30PM - 9PM

- Casual or Tourney depends on # of people and prizing availability.

- Mats are given to top player biweekly!

- $10 Entry -> 1 Pack


Upcoming Special Events

Pokemon Standard Night Tournament - Hopefully by the end of March

Traptrix Structure Deck Celebration - Sat, March 25th 2023 2PM



TBD - Haven't determined a card game tourney for this time slot.

Pokemon tourney when :'[

For Sign-ups:

Include which tournament you're interested in and name! thx