FINALLY AN UPDATE :D - The Next Step Forward For Players

FINALLY AN UPDATE :D - The Next Step Forward For Players

Hm, how long has it been? smesus christ, ive been real lazy lol



I wanted to bring some new updates and current WIP for those interested in keeping up to our store updates :p


First of all, the tourneys:

I feel the scene has become a lot more livelier compared to when we first started, thats a given, but there hasn't been a time for new players to come or shine! Its very hard for a new player to be hooked onto a card game when their first interaction with the game is a tournament that features prizing. I feel this way for both YGO and Pokemon, I want to encourage the scene rather than push out newer players.

SO, heres what I have in mind, the current times for Pokemon and YGO are given as such:

Pokemon - Wednesdays 6PM and Sundays 1:30PM

YGO - Thursdays 6PM and Saturdays 1:30PM

I don't want to completely shut down the competitive scene, but rather, I want to tweak the system in a bit so that both players get a taste of what the card games about ya'kno? (๑´• .̫ •ू`๑)

Heres the first change

YGO Thursdays will become completely casual, itll be a day where theres no tournaments, rather its just a day for YGO people to band together, chill, have fun, and learn! Of course it would be weird if we didn't give anything for somebody coming out of their way to our place to try out YGO, so as a starter, we'll give out things for coming.

For coming to Thursday YGO Night Casual Days, you'll receive a free pack for coming out of your way here, there is no entry or sign up fee, bring a friend and we'll give you an extra pack on the house too! I want to dedicate this day to new players who are interested in playing but can't find a time to learn.

Additionally, there will be raffles for whatever! Sometimes packs, sometimes OTS Packs, sometimes even better ya neva kno (ง'̀-'́)ง

Finally, you might be wondering what would happen to the point system? Well, for those who are competitive but still are interested in helping out the scene, I want to help you guys out too! For every player that comes to these casual days to chill or learn, you'll receive 5 Points on the leaderboard for just coming, additional points are rewarded for those who help players out. There is no need to topple every tournament to win first place now :0


Wait hold up, I also wanted to make an announcement on prizing structure, Ive heard a lot from some people about how the prizing structure is ridiculous for those who are below 2nd place. To be honest, I agree, it was never my intention to hand out minuscule amount of prizing for those who fought hard for 3rd place or 4th, it shows based on how many people drop out after 2nd round or such.

So what are we gonna do about it? Well, for starters, First place box will no longer happen unless if we have 12 or more players, instead, the packs that first place loses will be trickled down to 2nd - 4th.

Here is what the prizing structure will look like in the future (Not set in stone):

Side note, OTS will be provided onto the prizing structure, but it will not be shown here for now.

11 Players or less (Packs are varied based on how many people I get)

  1. First place receives 6 - 18 packs
  2. Second place receives 4 - 12 packs
  3. third place receives 3 - 10 packs
  4. fourth place receives 1 - 8 packs
  5. fifth receives 0 - 6 packs
  6. sixth receives 0 - 4 packs
  7. seventh receives 0 - 2 packs
  8. eighth receives 0 - 2 packs

Please understand that im only looking for a solution to get make more players happy rather than looking to appease only the top players, if you have a suggestion for prizing structure, please email me or contact me through discord. I'd would actually love to talk to the community about how I should prize things out.

For 12 - 20 (Packs are varied based on how many people I get)

  1. First place receives a full box
  2. Second place receives 12 packs - 18 packs
  3. third place receives 10 packs - 12 packs
  4. fourth place receives 8 packs - 10 packs
  5. fifth place receives 6 packs - 8 packs
  6. sixth receives 6 - 8
  7. seventh receives 6 - 7
  8. eighth receives 6

WIP so its not set in stone yet. Lemme know what you think


Next, lets move onto MTG

I love magic, but the formats have seem so daunting to me in terms of how expensive it costs to play or simply how little people like to draft.
So heres what I plan for now and if you have suggestions for someone like me please let me know, Im open to any suggestion
Friday Night Magic
Usually FNM is when we host drafts, but I have been keen on setting up a pioneer or modern for that given. To promote this, I will make it a casual night for now, if anybody is interested in trying out Pioneer I have free decks for those interested to try, if we have enough I can host draft for those intrigued.
Commander is also a given for FNM so yeah, free commander decks instore for those who are interested to play too
I plan to hand out raffles, Roinds (Learn more about this in our discord ( ˘▽˘)っ♨), and promo packs
For coming to our FNM casual days, we'll hand out a free pack for coming.
And if Draft does happen, just know that I try to do my best for prizing, if we have promo packs it is inserted into the prizing pool alongside some additional packs that we used to draft.
its pretty good no point in changing this lol, but if you have suggestions for what to do on commander nights Id love to hear it :)
Aigo, lets talk about Pokemon now
I think we need a way for new players to experience what it feels like to join a casual day of Pokemon instead of being thrust into a tournament similar to YGO, for that purpose, I decided to make Pokemon Wednesdays a casual night, for coming you get a free pack, there will be raffles as well for packs, sleeves, hats, whatever :p
Keep in mind, for both YGO and Pokemon, if all the players want an official tournament set up for that day, I definitely can do that for you on the spot.
  1. Washroom upstairs and extra room is still being thought on
  2. Downstairs is accessible as a play area, have fun if you want to chill and upstairs is full
  3. Interior furniture could use a bit of work
  4. Monthly Mini game is in works.
  5. Make discord more enjoyable to converse in, currently my discord server kinda ded ngl ( I have plans on putting in a pokemon text channel for those to catch pokemon in)


Yep and thats it, I wonder if I have anything else to talk about. idk Lemme know in the comment section or on discord what you think we shud do. Thanks everyone for the support, I couldnt have got here without you all <3




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