Friday October 28th 2022 - Charizard UPC Event INFO

Friday October 28th 2022 - Charizard UPC Event INFO

On Friday October 28th 2022, we will be hosting an event for people to come buy the latest Charizard UPC box.

The time will start at 5PM and go to 8PM (extended hours), price for the UPC will be MSRP at 190$ + tax.

The idea of this event is to give everybody a shot at getting one as quantity is limited for us :((

Bring your collection and cards to play and trade while we host random raffles to see who gets to buy the UPC.

Winners will be randomly selected so they could purchase the UPC and they can decline too if they do not want any, another random winner would be chosen instead.

First one will be first come first serve!

Then, 2 Raffles will be conducted at random times to select 3 winners at random (not specified) during the event.

For all participants who did not win, we will hand out some free Fusion Strike or other packs as thanks for coming.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and try us again some other time :)

See you guys at the event hopefully? <3



oh and also, our first Pokemon tournament will hold a Charizard UPC as the prize , keep in touch :)

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quality editing


first to arrive at the event at 5pm or first to arrive, when the store opens gets the box?


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