Guess whos back, back agaennn, blogs are back, tell a frend

Guess whos back, back agaennn, blogs are back, tell a frend

wowzers, we're back at it again?

Its been a while since I posted, I want to make sure I keep up to date with this stuff though. Ill aim to do a blog post every week from now on, promise


Lets get into the main part:


FGC Tournament


We (well mainly Ben G, hes a G ;] ) hosted our first big monthly event! It was awesome, people brought in a lot of fumo plushies, we hosted Touhou, Guilty Gear, SF6, and Melee, it was dope. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everybody who came, it was nuts that we got so many people and I hope that we can keep the community strong!

From what I've seen, I want to do something special, well, special to the best of my abilities XD

From now on, bi weekly local events we host will include raffles for store credit to our shop; Derpy Cards. You can win these raffles by attending local sessions and just playing, no entry fee, same as usual, just a small kicker for those who are interested :)

It wont be much, itll be something like 10 - 15 dollars of store credit per local and up to 50 for bigger ones (depending on # of people ofc)

Heres so photos of the event! :3

Thank you again to everybody who attended, if you are looking to join us for our local scene then you can take a look at our event schedule, we host local scenes biweekly starting on the first Sunday of the week each month


Local Scene and Future Plans (TCG)


Currently YGO has been in a position that I've only dreamed of, several people coming to our events is nothing but a miracle for me and I thank everybody who came. As of currently, I haven't been able to keep up with the Monarch Leaderboard system very well because of how much time it takes (including the archetypes that were played in each event). I'm currently looking into a method for me to automate this but as of right now, the only thing I can do is keep the monarch system but not implement the leaderboards. For now, I'm focusing on the very important things for the event such as prizing, advertising, and what makes the events fun.

If you have any suggestions for the events for YGO, I would like to know! :p



MTG rn is a very hard TCG to host for, not many people come for events for several reasons. Currently I'm still looking into how I can provide a more interesting environment + prizing to incentivize people to come (again, any suggestions are welcome).

Current formats I'm trying my best to build up is Commander, Modern, Pioneer, and Draft. As of right now, Modern and Pioneer are free entry up to a # of people and the prizing is record based prizing for store credit!

Credit is determined based on # of people, we throw in $5 entry per person.

Draft is a lot more harder to arrange, in person draft currently provides store credit prizing every friday with a free guarantee to the next weeks draft for free. I look to provide free things during the draft events as an incentive for those to come! Feel free to join us anytime! (Free draft every month is still active btw)



Pokemon league sessions have been more active recently, sadly we are still not League Cup status yet which means it'll take a bit of time before we can finally host a league cup, but for now, we still offer prerelease events and league challenge events.

League sessions offer prize packs and store credit currently, I do plan to bring back the booster box tournament per month (outside of league challenges) so stay tuned for that!



We've managed to get so far recently its a bit daunting looking back, but still, theres more room to grow and I feel like there we shouldn't rush it.

We managed to renovate downstairs to become extra play space, we have enough seating for 20 people downstairs which is a major improvement to our arrangement in the past.

A lot more people joined our community! Its lovely and I appreciate everybody who joined! I'm still looking to improve the activeness in our discord and in person tho! If you guys ever have any suggestions on how to please let me know :p

For now, its mainly the mini games that are focused on bringing the community to be active, I will look for other alternatives to this though.

Upcoming Sales
This is a big one!
Black Friday is coming up, which is pretty big! We'll be doing a sale for that through discounts and special bundle deals! stay tuned ;)
The upcoming sale will take place the start of the week for Black Friday
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