MTG Pioneer Tournament - Maybe?

MTG Pioneer Tournament - Maybe?

Hi everyone! We need some tournaments going for MTG and its been quite rushed. But I would like to be able to host one asap.

There is a "planned" MTG Pioneer tournament on Thursday, November 10th 2022 which starts at 5:30PM and ends at 10PM.

The entry is 10 CAD with an entry of 1 DMU Draft Pack and top prizing rewards (depends if we get any more than 12 people going).

Email us for a sign up if possible, if we dont have at least 8 people by the end of tmr night then I plan to change this to just a commander night. Ill be keeping updates on our Tournament INFO.


Edit: We'll make our cutoff decision by Nov 9th 2022 at 8PM. if we can reach more than 8 players than we'll go for it. We have like 6 people right now :(

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very cool


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