News of the week! MTG and YGO Events and some promotions!

News of the week! MTG and YGO Events and some promotions!

Sup Sup

How yall have been doing? I hope you guys are all well, I'm doing greattt

Anyways, this week of November 28th we'll be hosting events for both MTG and YGO, hopefully you guys will be there! Additional information about that is on our event information (which is updated every week btw, check it out pls) with our prizing pool and entry costs.

MTG draft will be on Friday 5PM, entry cost is $15 to draft 3 packs of Unfinity!!! Come play wit us!

Also for MTG, we have a launch party for Jumpstart 2022 this Saturday which starts at 5PM! Its just a casual event for the upcoming jumpstart set but hopefully we'll see you there :)

YGO locals is on Thursday as usual, starts 6PM, prizing and stuff is all on the event info!



Thanks for reading this btw, we have a super secret promotion going on (not really feel free to tell anyone lol) for MTG Singles, limited to 1 use per person, its an 8% off discount for all MTG Singles you purchase in 1 transaction to celebrate getting in with WPN and finding a community that loves MTG just like us!

Code expires on this Friday, December 2nd 2022 at 8PM


Anyways thats everything for this week! hopefully you guys stay updated and stay fresh! Byebyee

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