Omg, he on ex games (Tournament updates, future goals, and current situation)

Omg, he on ex games (Tournament updates, future goals, and current situation)

Sup sup, hows everyone doing?! Mwah mwah, love you all!!

Recently we've hosted a UPC event, and to be honest, I didn't host it so well because of my lack of experience and planning. I thoroughly apologize for that, the next event/tournament I ever host for something as big as this I promise to plan it out better.

We're OTS and WPN confirmed! :000

Its great news, while we are confirmed, we're still waiting for our OTS packs and WPN promotional items to reward players for coming. So please be a little bit more patient with us until we can finally plop in official tournaments that reward players. We promise the prizing pool wont be lame or too bad :))

As of right now, we're hosting casual nights where people can walk in and play for funsies, we try to designate which days for which card games so people know when to walk in for that particular card game they're interested in.

For people who are interested in playing but have no cards, fear not, we have free trial decks for those who want to try out that card game. Currently we only have decent trial decks for MTG commander and MTG pioneer, Yu-Gi-Oh I am in the midst of constructing trial decks for branded and swordsoul for those to test out.

I hope you stick with us, and if you can, please come in for a walk in play day just to check us out, it'll help us out a whole lot just with your presence there


Future Goals


In the future, I hope to have a weekly OTS tournament (4 times a month) with OTS packs and booster packs on the line, depending on the amount of players, the prizing can range from 12 packs all the way to a full booster box.

Additionally, we love the community so much and we understand that sometimes a booster box or packs aren't enough, we want to give back to the community as much as we can. As such, every month end, we will host a Monarch's Starlight/Collector Tournament. The prizing pool would be not only just a starlight/collector but also booster packs, the starlight/collector would be of decent value to give players a meaning to actually participate. People who win this tournament will be designated as the monarch! We must treat these monarchs with respect, as such, entry packs will be buffed for em :))

We also plan to create leader boards that refresh monthly and tournament standings for who our champions are!!

TLDR: Weekly tournaments, monthly big tournament, leader boards, extra stuff for good players, we love you

ETA? at least 1-2 weeks


Now I'm going to be honest, Im just a commander dude. I don't understand that much about standard, pioneer, and modern but I would love to learn about it. If you could ever give me some tips or advice on it, I'd love to sit down and listen. However, my inexperience will not foil the plans for the people, we do plan to host modern, standard, AND pioneer tournaments each month to include everyone. There will be a rotation from one to another weekly. For now though, we will just be hosting weekly commander nights until we finally have our WPN promotional material and a known community for all 3.

My plans will be to cater to the standard people first as that is the one I'm most experienced with out of the three, we will host standard tournaments until I know we have a group of people itching for the other two.

Now I know what you're saying, "what about drafting?" Of course we'll host draft nights!!! We plan for once a week draft nights/days :)))

TLDR: We gon host standard, modern, pioneer, and draft tournaments, and keep up with commander nights.

ETA? I give at minimum 1-2 weeks.


They delayed the professor rank reviews until 2023 (╥︣﹏᷅╥)

Thus, we don't see a close period of time till we can play pokemon

ETA? January - February 2023




Lol, our first one piece tournament will be near release date. Our first tournament will be on December 10th 2022.

We plan to host weekly tournaments for one piece.

Let us know what you think, this card game is still very fresh so we're not sure.

[Flesh and Blood]

Oh man, I really want to try FAB. We're already retailers for FAB and we do plan to host weekly tournaments for this too.

ALSO! watch out for our blog and tournament info page, we do plan to host an ARMORY event soon.

ETA? Very soon I suspect, like a week. Im not sure doe

Our armory event is on Nov 5th 2022, starts at 1PM :)

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