Recent February 2023 News! :p

Recent February 2023 News! :p

For people who dont wanna read:

One piece CG War Paramount Prerelease on Sunday March 5th 2023, 1:30PM - $15 Entry after tax for 1 Prerelease pack + 1 Tournament Pack

YuGiOh Starlight Monarch Tourney featuring Alba Lenatus Starlight will be hosted on Thursday, Febraury 23rd 2023 - 6:30PM. Entry is $15 after tax for 3 OTS Packs. Requirement of 12 entrants before the starlight tourney is confirmed, sign up through discord or event signups contact.

MTG Become A Planeswalker Draft/Jumpstart Tourney will be coming back this Friday, February 24th 2023 - 5PM. Entry is free and it is highly recommended to try it out if you're new to MTG or if you want to show someone how to play MTG! The set will either be jumpstart BRO or UNFINITY draft, to vote, go to our discord!

Flesh and Blood Armory events are coming back with a clap! We will be hosting FAB Armory events every Sunday 6:30PM with free entry! A mat will be given out every 2 weeks (1st one will be given out at the first Armory Event of the month, the second will be given out the week after the next Armory Event).

Pokemon tournaments will happen soon but we have not gotten the confirmation from Pokemon Play yet >:(



Our CG Paramount War pre-release is happening on Sunday March 5th 2023 at 1:30PM!

Entry will be $15 after tax and will include 1 Prerelease pack of CG War Paramount and 1 Tournament pack! The tournament will be CONSTRUCTED and OP-02 cards will not be permitted in the tourney.

Prizing will include CG War Paramount Packs and a Winner Signed Smoker Card! There will also be participation cards! Exact structure of the prizing will be determined when everyone shows up.

There are 16 spots! To sign up, you can do so through Bandai or inperson on the day of the prerelease event. Signing up through Bandai will work but you will need to show up on time in person to be confirmed and fully signed up, it will be first come first serve for the prerelease event!

Hopefully I see you guys there!

Also, after the prerelease event we will be hosting regular weekly casual tourneys for One Piece where we will hand out tournament packs depending on the turn out! More info on that soon, please lemme know what you think on discord.



Our Starlight Monarch Tournament is coming back on Thursday February 23rd 2023 - 6:30PM! We need a minimum of 12 sign ups to be confirmed on Wednesday at 5PM to ensure the tournament goes through or else it will be hosted a week later.

Our starlight Monarch Tournament will be featuring Alba Lenatus! Hype yourself up for the upcoming Branded support coming from Cyberstorm Access by winning and pimping your deck out with this starlight!

The entry for this starlight tournament will be $15 CAD after tax, sign ups will happen in person or on the discord! A box of PHHY or Amazing Defenders will be given as well depending on the turnout, OTS packs and other packs will also be handed out! Upon entry you will receive 3 OTS Packs!

Prizing will be determined on the day of the tournament when we can conclude how many people we have!

Also! We will also be rewarding our top player that has been constantly topping our locals Leaderboard! Our leaderboard of the month will be reset and it will have an entirely new prize announced to it! Try to claim the throne for yourself ;)

Sunday Local Tourneys!

I'm proud to announce that we host Sunday Locals for YGO now! To determine if we host Heart of The Underdog or standard post PHHY banlist vote in our discord on the homepage! Prizing structure is similar to regular locals and entry is $10 for 2 OTS Packs!

Happens every Sunday 3PM


Magic The Gathering

Become A Planeswalker! is re surfacing on Friday, February 24th 2023 - 5PM, where we give free entry to anyone who is interested in learning and trying out casual MTG! Take a shot at drafting UNFINITY for a hilarious moment with stickers or decide to shuffle up and play with 2 packs of Brothers of War JUMPSTART!

Saturday Commander Night

To give people more of a spice during our commander nights, we introduced something called the Roy Coin (dont ask please), each night we will hand out 3 Roy Coins, first one will always be raffled out but the other two will be handed to those who win in a pod of 4 people (first come first serve winners), additional may be added but it depends.

Roy Coins will help players with upgrading their deck through exchanging them for draft/set packs, or pimping out binders by exchanging them for collector packs! If you save enough, you can get a whole commander deck with them, I plan to make a Roy Coin binder where MTG singles can be bought with Roy Coins and ONLY Roy Coins.

Currently the exchange rate is...

1 RC - 1 Draft Pack of a recent standard set (within 3 sets from a standard set release)

2 RC - 1 Set Pack of a recent standard set (within 3 sets from a standard set release)

8 RC - 1 Collector Pack of a recent standard set (within 3 sets from a standard set release)

10 RC - 1 Commander deck of a recent standard set (within 3 sets from a standard set release) which must be within $40-55

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this on our discord!


Flesh and Blood

Armory events will take place every Sunday at 6:30PM! Entry is $0 and you will receive a special promo card that is part of the months Armory Kit! Depending on the turn out and what everyone wants, I can turn the Armory event into a paid entry with actual pack prizing!

Prizing normally will include a top prize of the months mat! Mats can be won biweekly from eachother, the first mat Armory Event will be the first Armory of the month and the next mat will be won 2 Armory Events after that.

Asides from the mat, the monthly cold foil will be handed out to top place as well whereas more of the special promos will be handed out to second and third place.

For any suggestions please let me know in the discord (link on the homepage).



 We haven't gotten any confirmation on our application yet, but we hope to get it soon! We will host tournaments with prizing as soon as we get our privileges! I'm estimating our first tourney will be next month :'(

The planned date for our Pokemon Tourney will be on Wednesday! Junior division will be planned soon but for now, the planned date for our Pokemon Tourneys will be on Wednesday late night. Please let me know what time you guys want.



That wraps up everything for now! Hope to see you guys soon <3<3<3<3<3


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