September 5th 2022 - YGO Tournament

September 5th 2022 - YGO Tournament

We haven't managed to sign up with WPN, OTS, or Pokemon YET, but we are under the process of signing up with them.

However, we are hosting a tournament on September 5th 2022 Labour Day at 1PM for Yu-Gi-Oh.

Entry will be ~10$ or 15$ depending on the amount of people who show up.

Entry packs will be 1 Burst of Destiny + 1 Genesis Impact pack (we dont have ots packs yet)

1st Place: Starlight Therizia NM

2nd Place: 16 packs of Blazing Vortex

3rd Place: 8 packs of Blazing Vortex


To preemptively sign up for the tournament, email us on with the subject line "Tournament sign up" with your name and email/phone number (or both :])

Our location caps out at 16 players, we have around 7 people locked in already

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