Sorry for the hiatus | YGO Monarch Tourney and Become a Planeswalker Event Info

Sorry for the hiatus | YGO Monarch Tourney and Become a Planeswalker Event Info

Hey yall! Sorry for going on a hiatus for so long, I felt burnt out from exams X_X


we're gonna host the Monarch Tourney for YGO a little bit early because I want everyone to celebrate Christmas with their families. Anyways here is the layout of the tourney!

I wasn't able to get a good starlight for this tourney so as such, I will provide options for first place :)))

(Hope you dont mind)


As such, we will be hosting our YGO Monarch Tourney on Thursday December 22nd 2022, starting at 6PM and our MTG Become a Planeswalker Draft event on Friday December 23rd 2022, starting 5PM.

First place

In first place of the tourney we will provide Monarch title and one of these options!

Option A) Starlight Dinomorphia Therizia

Option B) A booster box of Power of the Elements + 7 Packs of Crystal Revenge or Power of the Elements

Option C) A display of Magnificent Mavens

Second Place

A booster box of Power of the elements

Third Place

6 OTS Packs

Fourth Place

4 OTS Packs


Winner of this tournament becomes our monthly Monarch. Monarch titled players receive 1 additional entry pack each local tournament they join and during the monthly end Monarch Tournament they receive 1 pack every round they win. The monarch tournaments lasts a bit long, its 3 Swiss rounds then cut off into Top 4 single elimination rounds.


Entry will be $15 and we will provide 3 OTS packs, we have a max capacity of 20 people and you can sign up on event signup and information or on our discord! Hope to see you there!


Also, we have another Become a Planeswalker draft event on Friday! Entry is free and you keep the cards. The set we will draft is Midnight hunt and because we only have one draft booster, we can only accommodate 12 people.

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