This meta got me being like...

Jokes aside


Hey yall! How's everyone doing?

We'll be hosting our first Yu-Gi-Oh Monarch Tournament on Thursday, November 17th 2022!!

Here are the following details...

Start Time: 6:00 PM EST (EDIT)

End Time: 10:30 PM EST (EDIT)

4 Rounds of Swiss then 2 Rounds of Top 4 Cut Elimination

45 Minutes per round


  1. Starlight Exosister Martha (Crowned as Monarch)
  2. 14 Packs of Darkwing Blast + 2 Packs of OTS
  3. 6 Packs of Darkwing Blast + 2 Packs of OTS
  4. 4 Packs of Darkwing Blast + 2 Packs of OTS

Entry Cost: $15 CAD

Entry Packs: 2 Packs of OTS + 1 Pack of Darkwing Blast

We need to confirm at least 8 people before starting this tournament, so please email us for early sign ups so we can get our confirmations!

Email trc.customercenter@gmail.com or sign up on our discord!

If you haven't joined our discord yet, its on our website

 We have 11 people in so far


UPDATE: ots is delayed to next monday 21st November, I'll be jotting down names so that I can hand out the missing prizes + ots packs via shipped or pickup sadge


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