Preorder, Refund, and Return Policy

Tears & Rips

Many items are like this when they get printed and entered into the distribution. We can't guarantee that every card is perfect so we can't offer refunds for stuff like this. We inspect every single sealed product and make sure there isn't significant errors. 

If the product we are shipping has a minor tear or rip we will email/ask you if the damage is okay with you before shipping.

However, if the item gets a tear or rip during transit...

  • we will ask for pictures of the damage
  • if the sealed shrink wrap is completely removed then it is out of our hands to deal with
  • the tears or rips on the product must be minimal to ensure it is not resealed
  • Any indication of tape or glue would cause us to reject it completely

We promise to do our best to ship out everything with excellent packaging to prevent any damage to the product.

Please email with subject lines Damaged During Transit


Returns & Exchanges

If the purchase was in-store and within 3 days then we gladly accept returns or exchange for another product.

If the purchase was an online order that just shipped and arrived then we will gladly accept a return if the request was made within a week of the packages arrival, once the product has returned to us we will issue the refund costs of the order to the customer. However, the shipping will be on the customers expense.

Email with subject line Return Request for us to review.

We do not take returns for singles purchased from us.*** Also no trade backs like please think it through.


Order Cancellations

You can cancel the order as long as the order is not shipped. Once it's shipped and picked up, it's out of our hands. If a order is cancelled, we can either issue credits or offer store products of the same value at your choosing. We cannot process refunds due to thin margins and high fees on refunds. 

Please email with subject line Order Cancellation Request for us to review.




We will only list pre-orders once we have our complete allocations, as long as the order has not shipped yet we can process any cancellation for pre-orders, HOWEVER, there is a 10% cancellation fee.

Discounted Products After Preorders

In the scenario where a preorder product becomes discounted after the release, we will refund people who have preordered the difference in price in store credit.


Damaged Parcel

Inform us on the same day with a picture ( when you receive a damaged parcel that contains a damaged product inside. The freight company will try to get out of being responsible for the parcel in many ways, one of them being that it has taken too long to report. Once we receive the picture we will start the reimbursement process and keep you noticed.

TR Company will not be held responsible for any manufacturer defects including damaged cards, printing errors or missing cards from new/sealed card boxes or cases. If a customer encounters any of these defects they will need to contact the manufacturer’s customer service department directly to resolve the issue. Contact information for the manufacturer is most often located directly on the box.

All Policies are subject to change at anytime without notice.



We do not accept any refunds or returns for singles purchased in store or online. At most, we can provide exchanges or store credit if the purchased single/card has come in damaged or lost as long as sufficient evidence has been shown.